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Instant Floor Plans. Keep your nickels and dimes.

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The App

Reinventing Mobile
Floor Plan Technology

The first instant Floor Plan app with square footage

Introducing Instaplan™, the groundbreaking solution that's reinventing mobile floor plan technology. Our cutting-edge app harnesses the power of computer vision and LiDAR data to create precise and detailed floor plans in just minutes. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual measurements and outdated tools. With Instaplan™, you can effortlessly scan any property using your smartphone or tablet, and generate an accurate floor plan with square footage. Designed for real estate professionals, appraisers, architects, and more, Instaplan™ revolutionizes the way you capture and present property information, making your work more efficient and impressive than ever before. Experience the future of mobile floor plan technology with Instaplan™.



Floor Plan Magic: Making Tape Measures Disappear!


Floor Plans

Say goodbye to waiting 24 hours+ for your floor plans, or paying extra to have them in 6 hours. InstaPlan™ generates your Floor Plan in seconds. 


Editing Page

Instaplan™ includes a user-friendly editor page at no additional cost, allowing you to effortlessly make adjustments, add annotations, and customize their floor plans to better suit your specific needs. This could be adding or removing furniture, adding a room, or changing the room titles to your liking.

and Efficient

By automating floor plan generation, Instaplan™ saves you time and resources, providing a high-quality solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and making it an indispensable tool for realtors, appraisers, tradesmen, interior designers, etc.

How the App Works



Instaplan™ makes scanning a house incredibly simple and quick, requiring just a smartphone or tablet to capture the property's interior and exterior in a matter of minutes. The user-friendly app guides you through the process effortlessly, producing accurate floor plans and property details with minimal effort. 


Cloud Based

At Instaplan™, we've got you covered with secure cloud storage for all your scans. Every floor plan you create is automatically saved to your personal cloud account, ensuring easy access, retrieval, and sharing – anytime, anywhere.   

About Us

3D Products

Transforming the 3D Industry

One Scan at a Time

Our software enables a Digital Clone™ and 3D Clones™ immersive representation to be created. We created these in response to the lack of quality products in the decentralized 3D capture and viewing technology market. Neuron 3D™ is revolutionizing the industry by offering these cutting-edge, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that address the unmet needs of professionals in property management, construction, and other sectors.

Appraisal Suite Features


Exterior Measurements and Real-Time Room Exclusion

Instaplan™ offers appraisers the flexibility to measure a property from the exterior, making it easier to capture accurate dimensions without entering every room. The app also allows users to exclude specific rooms, such as garages, from the total square footage in real time ensuring accurate calculations.


ANSI Standard Wall Adjustments

+ 6 Inches

Instaplan™ understands the importance of adhering to ANSI standards for appraisers. The app provides a convenient option to add six inches to exterior wall calculations, ensuring compliance with ANSI requirements and delivering precise property data for accurate appraisals.


Time and Cost


Instaplan™ streamlines appraisals by automating floor plan generation and property data collection. Its user-friendly interface, instant results, and reduced need for manual measurements save appraisers time and money while boosting productivity. Leave the laser scanner at home.



"Instaplan™ has helped me streamline my appraisal process, reducing the need for manual measurements and additional tools. It's a true time-saver."



- Kevin, Appraiser

"I was amazed at how quickly I could generate accurate floor plans with Instaplan™. My clients are always impressed, and it helps set me apart from the competition."



- Kelly, Realtor

"The ability to measure properties from the exterior and instantly exclude rooms has been a game-changer for my appraisals. I highly recommend Instaplan™ to fellow appraisers."

- Richard, Appraiser

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